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The entire collection of web pages that is available under a single domain name is called a website. For example all of the thousands of pages you find under belong to the same website. Also the opposite of extremes, a website consisting of only one page and therefore often referred to as minisite, can be found on the web.

To make it simple it is a location (site) in the World Wide Web. The information on the website can contain anything such as sound, images, audio, video files etc. One must have a web browser to view a site.

The documents in a website typically contain graphical or textual links . These links can be clicked to move to other documents, either within the same site (internal link) or another site (external link).

Each website has a homepage as a starting page. This is often, but does not has to be, the first page a user views when he visits a site. Typing the main domain name in the address bar of the browser directs the user to the homepage. In above example the URL leads to the eBay homepage. The homepage often gives a summary of what can be found on the entire website.

A website can be managed or owned by a single individual or an organization or company. The key element is that websites are accessible globally and can be viewed anywhere and by everyone who has access to the Internet.

Although there are a few Internet marketing strategies to make money without having a website it is still the primary and most important tool to promote and sell products and services or to get subscribers for one’s mailing list. Therefore the design and promotion of websites has the highest priority for any Internet marketer.

[Web comes from Old English webb = woven fabric;

Site comes from Latin situs = place, position]




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