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Traffic to a website for Internet marketing purposes usually denotes the number of people/users who visit this website. The amount of data sent back and forth between website and visitor also count under the term traffic but for most marketers are of minor importance.

Traffic Statistics 

Example for the Traffic statistics delivered by the webhost for a website. The most important figures for the webmaster are the “visits” (i.e. the number of visitors) represented by the yellow columns. Additional Traffic stats are for the total amount of data transferred (Kbytes), how many individual pages were called up etc. (Screenshot from

Website traffic is very important for an online presence. A beautiful and high converting website without traffic would be like a fantastic billboard somewhere out in the desert where nobody would ever look at it. The simple equation for an Internet marketer is: No Traffic to the website = No sales and no income. Generating Traffic to his website is therefore the basis of his business.

But the statement that lots of traffic to a website is a guarantee for success, is not totally accurate either. Because if all the visitors on a site arrived there rather accidentally and were really looking for something else than what the site has to offer, there would be no sales and no benefit from all the traffic in the world.

Therefore it’s targeted and consistent Traffic a webmaster is after. For more information see under Targeted Traffic.

[Traffic comes from early Italian trafficare = to carry on trade; further origin unclear]




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