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Search Engine:

A web Search Engine is a service designed to help a user find specific information or content on the Internet. It sends programs called bots or spiders to visit websites , index it’s content and take it up into the search engine’s data base. This index is then evaluated according to a proprietary algorithm to return the most relevant websites on user search queries.

With several billion websites in the Internet Search Engines are in many cases the best choice for users to find the desired information. Google handles about 1 billion searches per day and has a market share of 70%, followed by Yahoo! and MSN. Search Engines in general and especially these 3 are therefore of tremendous interest for Internet marketers as a traffic resource. They therefore try to optimise their website so that the Search Engines assign it high relevancy and display them as one of the first on the search engine result page (SERP). For more information see under SEO .

The major Search Engines divide the page on which the search result is displayed into 2 sections. The natural or organic search result  list and the sponsored ads on the right side. At the top of the organic results are the sites which are classified as the most relevant according to the Search Engine algorithms, at the top of the sponsored ads appear those ads for which the advertiser is willing to bid the highest price for a click.

Search Engine

Yahoo SERP for the search phrase “list building”. The PPC ads are on the right border and at the top with light blue background.

[Search via Old French cherchier = to search comes from Latin circare = to go about, wander; from circus = circle;

Engine comes from Latin ingenium = inborn qualities, talent; originally it meant a trick, device or any cleverly constructed machine]




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  • SEO Elite , a proven software which when applied correctly will make your website rank higher in the SERPs.


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