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Rules and Regulations for Submitting Definitions

(please read in full. It's not in "lawyer English" but some common sense points which need to be known and understood) 

First and foremost, the governing rule and most important guideline for you when submitting a definition is this:

The main purpose of The Internet Marketing Dictionary is to provide valuable and correct information for it's visitors so they will consider it as a reliable resource which they will naturally visit again every time they look for a definition!

This is not some alibi site which pretends to be a dictionary just to promote it's AdSense ads and affiliate links to the visitors. Yes, there are AdSense ads and affiliate links on it, but only as a complement to make some monetization of hundreds - if not thousands - of hours of research, writing, website creation and maintenance possible. As I said, this is not a charity project. But monetization is way junior to the value of the content.

Therefore, should you play with the idea to submit a definition like: "An affiliate is someone who sells another's products for a commission" and add a list of 20 "recommended resources" with your affiliate links ... forget it! Don't waste your and my time! It will not be accepted.

A definition should be as follows (not every point has to be in depending on the term):

  • relevant to the subject of Internet Marketing (This point might be open to interpretation, especially when it comes to computer or Internet terms. If you want to pick up such, it definitely has to have an obvious relation to Internet Marketing. If questionable, better check with me before you invest your valuable time)

  • easy to understand

  • contain information about the practical application of the term, how it can be used to make money

  • not confuse the reader by including a lot of unimportant and irrelevant information (no highly specialized technical stuff only an expert could understand)

  • include examples

  • when possible and applicable provide a screenshot (this is often a good opportunity to post an affiliate link to an offer in the screenshot caption)

  • can contain a link to an instructive video which demonstrates the point. This can be an affiliate link.

Just check the existing definitions and you will see what I mean.


Following are some more Terms of Services you have to accept if you want to have your definition and links included:

  1. You must be the rightful copyright owner of the submitted content. Either you wrote it yourself or you hired someone to write it for you including the copyright. Every submission is checked via Plagiarism will not be accepted. Also all further submissions of anyone having attempted to submit plagiarized definitions will be rejected.

  2. If a submitted definition is included in The Internet Marketing Dictionary, I will be in possession of the copyright as long as the definition is part of the website. You will be named as the author, though.

  3. You may not post your definition on other websites without consulting me first. If I find definitions posted by you anywhere else without my consent I have the right to delete your name and links from The Internet Marketing Dictionary but keep your definition.

  4. I have full right to accept, modify and/or reject any submission. If reject, I will give you a reason. If modify, I will send you what I would consider the final form and ask for your opinion. However, what will finally appear as the definition on the page will be my decision only.

  5. It's hard to give a definite rule here but the number of affiliate links you are allowed to include depends on the size and the quality of your submission. This is my sole discretion, too. But in any case it cannot be more than 1 affiliate link within the text, 1 in graphics captions and 3 in the "Recommended Resources" box. This would be for a very good, long and all encompassing definition. For lesser ones there will be less links. For corrections or amendments to existing definitions there will be 1 or 2 links max. Exceptions to this rule based on a personal communication are not excluded.

  6. I have the right to add my own "Recommended Resources". Should you not be happy with me recommending a maybe competing product, you are welcome to contact me and we will come to an agreement.

  7. I have the right to reject affiliate links if I would consider the recommend products of low quality. You can avoid this by taking care to promote only high quality products, especially if the product could be considered as high priced. A free or $7 product does not necessarily have to be the best in the market. Just be aware of the responsibility against our visitors who will consider us as an authority and trust our recommendations. Should I have reservations against one of your recommendations, I will contact you and ask you to take another one. 

  8. I reserve the right to cloak your affiliate links to This applies even if you have cloaked them already. Please understand that a link like etc. would not make a professional impression. But don't worry, it will still be YOUR link.

  9. Very important: Once your submission is accepted and included in the website content you are not allowed to promote your definition page by any means generally considered as spam. This includes all possible kinds of spam, email spamming, blog spamming, forum spamming, article spamming, whatever. Should I receive any spam complaints, the links of the offending person will immediately be deleted or replaced. I am afraid I have neither the resources nor the time to follow up and verify if spam accusations are justified or not. So I strongly recommend you stay away from any methods only remotely resembling spam so nobody would get the idea to accuse you.

  10. You have to register as a definitions author and join my list. This way I can send out notifications and important messages to all authors at once if necessary. Your data are safe with me and will not be given away or sold to any 3rd party. As mentioned in #9 this site does not tolerate spam which, of course, also applies to me.

  11. The information required for sign up are your name, email address and the domain you want to appear together with your name on your definitions page. Adult-, hate-, violence- and gambling sites are not allowed. I have the right to reject any site of questionable reputation, even if it might not fall under the listed categories. Internet Marketing related sites are preferred but also other themed sites are welcome.


And, after all these rules and restrictions here is a list of rights you have and points I can guarantee:

  • I personally guarantee you that your links will stay in place as long as this site exists and your definition is part of it. They do not expire after some time.

  • You have the right to change your links if you want. If you find a better product you can replace your recommendation providing I have no objections against the product per above #7.

  • I guarantee you a fair treatment. If you submit a brilliant piece of work I will not downgrade it just to have an excuse to allow you less than your full complement of links per #5.

  • I promise you that if you have an issue or a disagreement you can always contact me and we will sort it out to a mutual agreement.

  • I promise that I will always work to improve quality, reach and reputation of the Internet Marketing Dictionary website. This should result in more and more traffic and consequently better income for all contributing authors (including me).

Ok, that's about all. Now go ahead and sign up here as a contributing author:


Please confirm your registration by clicking the link in the email you will shortly receive. With this registration you attest that you have read and agree to above mentioned Rules and Regulations. As soon as you are a verified Internet Marketing Dictionary author you can start submitting your definitions and links to .


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