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A Minisite is a small website which is very tightly focused around one specific subject.

Until recently it very often consisted of only one page which – when a marketing Minisite – was a sales page or an opt-in page. But in present times, to avoid the famous Google slap, also Minisites have to include standard legal information pages like About-us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages etc. and a menu for easy navigation.

The purpose of a Minisite is to keep the visitor’s attention straight on the subject and guide him directly to a point where he is willing to perform a desired action; either purchasing the product if it is a sales page or subscribing to a mailing list if it is an opt-in page. Every possibility for the visitor to get distracted by too much related content, link s to other sites or anything which wouldn’t assist in taking the decision to buy or opt-in would be undesirable.

This method of dealing with a visitor is called direct response marketing and Minisites are one of the most effective direct response tools.

You can see an example of a Mini Site here. Note that everything on the page keeps the readers attention focused on the subject of minisites with the intention to give him enough good reasons to sign up. Also note the legal information pages with the navigation menu in the page footer.

[Mini- is a shortening of Latin minimum = smallest (superlative of minor);

Site comes from Latin situs = place, position]




Recommended Resources:

  • A free Membershipsite providing video tutorials and tools to build high converting Minisites

  • Jim Edward’s free Home Study Course  on how to create successful Minisites


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