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Landing Page:

If you advertise your website online with PPC marketing you include a link to your site in the ad . When someone clicks on this link he is directed to the Landing Page of your website. This is the page you have designed specifically for the purpose to make a visitor coming from your ad act the way you want him to do. This could be purchase a product, sign up for your newsletter or mailing list, click on AdSense ads etc.

There is something important to know about Landing Pages if you intend to feed traffic to them with Google AdWords. Google changed it’s AdWords policy in July 2006 and since then makes the CPC (cost per click) for an AdWords ad dependent on the quality of the Landing Page. The lower the Landing Page quality per Google’s standards the higher the CPC. More information on this topic under the heading Google slap.

[Landing comes from Old English land, lond = ground, soil, a portion of the earth’s surface owned by a person or as home of a nation;

Page comes from Latin pagina = a column of writing, akin to pangere = to fix, make fast]




Recommended Resources:

  • Mark Widawer’s ebook  on Landing Pages is recognized for giving the best instructions for greatly increasing conversion rates .

  • Here  you find the complete list of Google’s criteria for high quality landing pages

  • A worthwhile article about making effective changes to one’s Landing page according to Google’s guidelines can be found here

  • The Landing Page System . This is a fantastic tracking script for PPC ads. Follow the link and discover what this system can do for your ad campaigns and how incredibly valuable it can be! (Recently there was a hyped up product launch of a similar AdWords script with less features for the 10x price)


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