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A keyword is a word or a phrase from which one can get an idea about the subject of a document, a website , speech or any other form of written or spoken communication.
For example if one would read a list of all the words appearing in an article and the list would contain “New York”, Hudson”, “Broadway”, “Big Apple”, you would know that the article is about New York City. It could be a tourist guide or a route description to arrive at a certain destination in NY. These would all be Keywords. Whereas words like “is”, “have”, “never”, “at” etc. would not count as keywords as they don’t give any clue about what the author is talking about.

Keywords play an enormously important role in Internet marketing because content is searched for and found via Keywords. Search engine users looking for something online summarize their query into one or a few words and type these into the search box.

An Internet marketer has to know what keywords or keyphrases users take when they search for specific content. Only then can he place his ads where the users are looking. To find out he applies keyword research.

[The origin of Key is unknown;

Word comes from Old English word = speech, talk, utterance]




Recommended Resources:

Free research tools:

(Note that these tools are used by very many Internet marketers. Therefore many who are operating in the same niche might base their campaigns on the same keywords. To be able to find keywords which nobody else has found it is recommended to invest in more sophisticated programs OR to study this following $7 report (46 pages) which is the best resource about keyword research I have yet seen

The following tools are not free:

  • Keyword Elite , it is recommended to watch the videos on this page which show every of Keyword Elite’s features in action. This is a little tutorial on Keyword Research in it’s own already.

  • Keyword Domination , according to reviews this program is the most thorough tool on the market which finds more keywords than any other tool. Membership site with a monthly fee.

  • Wordtracker  is the best known Keyword Research membership site. Lot’s of helpful features for a monthly fee

  • Ad Word Analyzer  is a tool especially designed for AdWords advertisers


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