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Contribute to The Internet Marketing Dictionary

and Profit from your Contribution


I want this dictionary to stay up-to-date as much as possible. I want that every marketer can come here if he stumbles upon a new Internet Marketing term and have a good chance to find a correct and understandable definition.

But I myself cannot possibly provide such a level of actuality. Not to mention the fact that The Internet Marketing Dictionary is far from being complete with regards to the more traditional Internet Marketing terms.

That is where YOU come into play.

You are invited to contribute to the content of The Internet Marketing Dictionary and you can do that in two ways:

  • you can pick any Internet Marketing term you feel is missing, write a definition and submit it. Your submission will be reviewed and if found acceptable it will be added to the definitions. If not you will receive a reply with a reason.

  • if you notice a factual error or an omission of relevant facts in an exisiting definition you are welcome to submit a correction or addition which will be handled as above.


What's in it for YOU?

You will have noticed that I basically plan to start some sort of a Internet Marketing Wikipedia here. It's success will be the the merit of all who contribute. .  


Every contribution will be rewarded as follows:

  • If your contribution will be accepted you will be mentioned as the (co-)author of your definition on the page containing it. This way you can gain credibility as an expert.
  • With your name you are entitled to include a link to your website
  • Even better: If appropriate to the definition you have the right to include YOUR affiliate links to valuable resources, either in the text or in the "Recommended Resources" box (see under Rules and Regulations for details)


Will it be worth the effort for you?

Well, think about it. If we as a community continue to provide valuabe and easily understandable definitions, The Internet Marketing Dictionary can realisticly become an authority site with consequently high search engine rankings.
For instance when I sold The Internet Marketing Dictionary as an ebook I just put up one definition on an example page and linked to it from the sales page. One week later it was already #1 on Google for the phrase "define long tail keyword". You can see a proof in this video I made end 2007 about the sometimes frustrating and misleading research for understandable and reliable definitions of Internet Marketing terms.

The situation hasn't changed since. There is practically no competition for a GOOD and UNDERSTANDABLE dictionary on Internet Marketing terms. Much less a freely accessible one. So let's conquer this niche! This site will become an authority and a high traffic site with high PageRank. And you can have your links on it. But don't wait too long as all the definitions for Internet Marketing terms with a high search volume might then be taken already.


You can DO something to increase profits from your contribution

If your contribution gets accepted you can improve your chance of making money by linking to your definitions page and getting your friends and partners to link to it, too. The page will gain PageRank then and you will have a link to your website from a high PageRank page. This in addition to the fact that your definition will receive good traffic and you'll make affiliate income.

You can also join me in the quest to raise the awareness of Internet Marketers that knowing their specialized terminology cold improves their chances of making more money online. There are many subjects where using a specialized dictionary is the most narural thing in the world. Internet Marketing doesn't seem to be one of them, (yet!).

Look in forums, attend seminars, you will find these guys in abundance who complain about their failures, how this ebook was crap, how that product was a scam and how the other guru sold them a high priced course but withheld his "real secrets" from them. But ask them what the definition of a term is, which directly applies to the activity they were trying to make money with. Don't be surprised if you only receive a blank stare. And then, after a couple of seconds a "Well, I know what it means. I just can't put it in words right now."

How will you successfully apply a procedure or a technique when you don't understand the basics and what you are actually supposed to do? And how will you understand the basics if you do not understand the basic terms??

So I suggest you make this a standard response if someone complains to you how, for example, the techniques in this ebook about affiliate marketing did not work. Ask him: "What is the definition of affiliate?"
If he cannot come up with a CORRECT and COMPLETE answer like a shot, tell him he should better make sure that he understands his basics and refer him to this site. This will help him and help you by spreading the word and generating more traffic.


Ready to Go?

All right, if you are closed to give me a hand and get your share of the profits, then do the following:

  • Register as an author (only name, email and your domain required)
  • Write a definition not yet contained in The Internet Marketing Dictionary or edit an existing definition (correct factual errors or add omitted and relevant information).

  • Submit this to . Include your name, your website url and the affililate links you want to appear in the definition or in the resource box.

I will review your contribution as soon as possible and let you know if accepted or rejected. Please understand that it can take up to 72 hours till you get an answer and even longer till I have setup the web page in case of acceptance. Maybe there will be an automated solution in the future but right now I have to do it by hand.


Ok, let's make The Internet Marketing Dictionary an indispensable resource for every Internet Marketer. Thank you for your contribution!


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Author of
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