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Broad Match:

This term has to do with keyword research and setting up PPC campaigns at Google (Google AdWords) or other search engine advertising networks. The “Match”-settings determine for which search phrases an ad will be displayed.

Let us say you create an AdWords campaign for the keyword satellite tuner. You have several choices as to how often your ad will appear:

  • Broad Match: This is the default setting from Google. It means your ad would be considered as relevant for several possible variations like e.g. tuner for satellite TV, hd satellite tuner, satellite tuners (plural) etc. There is also the possibility that Google analyses your keyword list and your website content and may consider it relevant for keywords like satellite dish, hdtv tuner and others. When choosing Broad Match you can therefore expect that your ad will appear quite often. But also your ad budget might be quickly used up for visitors which do not exactly look for what you have to offer.

  • Exact Match: Your ad will be displayed only when exactly the phrase satellite tuner is typed into the search box. Not when the sequence of words is changed, not when another word is added like buy satellite tuner or if the phrase is put in the plural. If you want this option put your search phrase in brackets, i.e. [satellite tuner]. Your daily budget will last longer but you also might lose many targeted visitors.

  • Phrase Match: Here your phrase has to be typed in exactly as given but additional terms can be added. I.e. buy cheap satellite tuner would apply, buy cheap satellite tuners not. This option is chosen if you put your keyword phrase in quotation marks when setting up your AdWords campaign, i.e. “satellite tuner”.

  • Negative Match: Let’s say you want to exclude searches which indicate that the person is not willing to spend money. You can add keywords like -cheap or -info (i.e. with a “-“ before the keyword) and if someone should search for cheap satellite tuner or satellite tuner info your ad won’t appear.
    Adept use of the Negative Match option is a key factor for experienced and successful advertisers to create PPC campaigns which provide the best targeted traffic to their offer page and therefore the best Return of Investment ( ROI ).

In order for your AdWords campaign to run successfully it is advisable to know these options and their application to your specific circumstances very well. It may be necessary to do some testing and tweaking so you get maximal number of targeted visitors with minimal costs. A lot of money can be wasted if a campaign is not set up intelligently.

[Match derives from Old English gemæcca = companion, mate;

Broad goes back to Middle English bro(o)d , Old English brād ;

Exact comes from Latin exigere, exactus = to drive or thrust out;

Phrase comes from Latin and Greek phrases = diction, style; Greekphrâ(zein) = to speak;

Negative comes from Latin negare = to deny]




Recommended Resources:

  • Perry Marshall’s The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords.

  • Google Cash as another very worthwhile ebook for AdWords beginners and advanced users.

  • Affiliate Radar is a membership site for PPC advertisers which provides almost everything needed to setup and run a profitable campaign, especially the all important tracking of individual keywords including their match type.

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