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Blog is a coined word and abbreviation for Weblog. Blogs are websites or pages within a website which, like diaries, are regularly updated with fresh content . The Blogger (the person writing the Blog) often posts about personal things or what he considers interesting for his readers. The most recent Blog entry is posted at the top the oldest one is at the bottom.

As far as Internet Marketing is concerned Blogs have attracted a huge attention over the last 2 years. There are 2 reasons for this:

  • To serve the current Blog hype , search engines are very interested in Blogs. Therefore they spider existing Blogs frequently and any new Blog as soon as possible. So the smart thing to do for a webmaster with a new website is to include a Blog page on his website to have it spidered soon.

  • You can start a new Blog at which is Google ’s own Blogsite. Of course this site is spidered by Google most frequently and if you place a link to your new sales website in the blog posts it is probably the fastest way of getting your site indexed plus the backlink helps it’s link popularity.
    Unfortunately this technique – like many other workable marketing techniques – was misused by Blog
    spam mers who posted an avalanche of automated and low quality Blog entries just to get lots of backlinks to their sites. The search engines had to react to this kind of spam and since some time the spiders do not always follow links anymore.

Some Blogs give it’s readers the possibility to write comments to Blog entries. The author of the comment can include a link to his website.
This was then abused by Blog spammers who posted senseless comments to as many Blogs as possible just to improve their own
link popularity. Many Blog administrators reacted by applying the “nofollow” tag to all comments. That means, search engine spiders ignore these links and make it senseless for spammers to write their “comments”.





Example of a Blog on . Notice the several RSS-feed buttons on the lower left corner. With a click on one button you can subscribe to the feed and receive automatic notification when new content is added to the blog.




Recommended Resources:

  • Blogging to the Bank provides a proven blueprint for implementing blogs that make money

  • A $1 report on how to find Blogs which do not apply the “nofollow” tag to their comments and how to ethically use Blog comments to increase website traffic.

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