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Are You Finding Hard To Understand The Internet Marketing Terms?

Klaus Lehne, August 30th, 2008

The Internet Marketing Dictionary is an online marketing dictionary that provides look-ups for the important marketing terminology used in Internet marketing efforts. The Internet Marketing Dictionary is an original source that you can use as an online marketing dictionary to help you in your online business and marketing efforts.

What is an Affiliate Link? What does Blog and Ping mean? What do they mean by Contextual Advertising? What's the Long Tail? How do you tell if you're at or have a White Hat Website? How does Yahoo Search Marketing work? Should you be afraid of an Internet Spider? And how do you know if you have (or want) Smart Pricing?

All of these questions and a vast array of other ones can all have their answers found at the Internet Marketing Dictionary, the one-of-a-kind online marketing dictionary explicitly created for the realities of the 21st century marketing and advertising world. The creators of this dictionary realized that there simply was no comprehensive source where a person could go and find out what certain unique Internet marketing terms mean. These terms are rapidly expanding in number, and keeping abreast of their meanings is extremely important for anyone who is serious about achieving success through running an Internet business.

The compiler of the Internet Marketing Dictionary found himself growing more and more frustrated trying to find certain phrases and words defined online. He figured that if he was wasting so much time and energy that he couldn't afford to waste, many other people must feel the same way. That's why he took about a full year to research and put together his online marketing dictionary. Initially, the Internet Marketing Dictionary was released in January of 2008 as a $7 e-book.

However, in March of 2008, the idea hit the compiler to make The Internet Marketing Dictionary a freely accessible website while inviting visitors to contribute their knowledge to the online marketing dictionary content. In exchange for submitting new definitions, they would be given the right to display a link to their website on the definition page. Plus they could add some recommended resources relevant to their definition and include their affiliate link. With his new concept in play, it took only two months for him to make his
dictionary freely accessible to all and fill it with online marketing terminology that the majority of Internet marketers probably never heard of and don't know the meaning of.

In addition, the Internet Marketing Dictionary has an affiliated blog where even more Internet marketing terminology and concepts are explained and explored in great detail. This is a website that can really provide the kind of help that so many who are trying to make it on the Internet desire but have thrown up their hands in frustration with trying to find.

The Internet Marketing dictionary is the online marketing dictionary that you may well need to be on the desktop of your virtual office. Check it out and see if you can make a contribution.


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Klaus Lehne, author of The Internet Marketing Dictionary has put together tons of Internet Marketing Terms and their definitions on his website at Go there and check out the complete Internet Marketing Glossary for reference.


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