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In Internet marketing an Advertisement - or in short: Ad – is the effort to make a sales message publicly known in online media such as websites , search engines, forums (where the last two are just special kind of websites, of course) and others. Per definition an Advertisement is a paid message. The advertiser pays the website owner for publishing the ad.

Ads appear in various different forms such as plain text messages (see definition Classified Ad), graphics (banner ads) as well as audio and/or video ads.

Online ads always contain a link which directs the user to the advertiser’s website.

Advertisements do not count as page content.

An Offline Advertisement  would be to have one’s message displayed in offline media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, billboards and so on.


Advertisements on . There are 2 forms of ads:

  • 2 banner ads in different format,

  • Google AdSense  ads placed below the square banner

[Advertisement  goes back to Latin advertere = to pay attention to, from ad = to, towards and vertere = to turn]




Recommended Resources:

  • Instant Buzz provides a very effective way for webmasters to advertise their websites for free.


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