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Ad Tracking:

An Ad Tracker is a program which tells a webmaster where the visitors on his website come from. If he has several links out there in the web in ads, banners , textlinks etc. he needs to know which one is successful in terms of generating visitors and which one is not. If an Internet marketer is in a situation of “I know that 50% of my advertising is ineffective, but I don’t know which 50%” he can solve it by Ad Tracking which delivers exactly that information.

Possible applications for an Ad Tracker could be:

  • You put your ad with a textlink to your website in 2 different newsletters . The Ad Tracker tells you, that your ad in newsletter A was seen as many times as in newsletter B but was clicked twice as often by readers of A. Given the conversion rates were equal you would come to the decision that you should invest your ad budget exclusively for further advertisement in newsletter A as you would make twice as much money then.

  • You would run Google AdSense on each page of your pets website and you would learn from your Ad Tracker results that the ads on the cats page got 40% more clicks then those on the dogs page. Of course you would enforce what proves to be successful and add some more pages with content for cats friends. Without an Ad Tracker you would probably figure out that most clicks must come from the birds page as it gets the most visitors on your site.

Sophisticated AdTrackers are able to deliver vital information in much more detail. Correctly evaluating this information and enforcing the things that get a lot of clicks can boost the income of clever Internet marketers in totally new ranges. The underlying philosophy is that you can’t expand something if you don’t know the current size of it.

Ad Tracking

Example of the tracking results of Google AdSense ads on delivered by AdSpyTracker. In this case the info is about which ad on which page gets how many clicks. Results detailed like this are not awailable from the Google AdSense statistics system.

[from Ad= short form of Advertisement which goes back to Latin advertere = to pay attention to;

the origin of Tracking is Old Norse trakke= trodden spot]



Recommended Resources:

  • AdSpyTracker is a tracking program specifically for AdSense pages which gives a lot more vital information than AdSense channels.

  • Ad Tracking Supertips , a free ebook tutorial which gives much more insight on why, what and how to track.

  • AdTrackz for many just the best tracking program on the web!

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