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Ad Impression:

This denotes the number of times an ad appeared on a user screen.

Advertising is often offered and paid per Ad Impression, that is the advertiser pays for each impression of his ad on a user screen. More exact per thousand impressions (see definition CPM). Noteworthy is that if the placement of the ad on the publishing website is near the bottom of the page and below the fold, an Ad Impression is counted even if a user leaves the page without having scrolled down, thus not having seen the ad.

In the sample screenshot of a Google AdWords account below the keywords for an AdWords campaign are listed in the left column (blanked out to keep them secret). In the highlighted column there are the number of Ad Impressions for each keyword. The figure tells how often a user searched for this specific keyword and the ad appeared on the right hand column of the Google search result page.


 Ad Impression 


[Ad = short form of Advertisement which goes back to Latin advertere = to pay attention to;

Impression comes from Latin impressus imprimere = to press into or upon]

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